Fall Workshops

Extended Workshops for School Days Off!
9:00AM to 12:30PM, or extend till 2:00PM
Ages 3.5+
$60/child, $25/extend
Drop-off ok!
Red Panda Art Studio at WAS Gallery
5110 Ridgefield Rd. Bethesda

During these days off of school, art will be on! Join us for a full day of sensory play and art exploration. Send along a nut-free snack, as well as something to drink!

Extended Workshops for School Days Off
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Upcoming Sessions:

September 30 (MCPS day off): Tinker and Create
See what you can create with recycled materials! During this workshop, we will turn recyclables into works of art-- allowing our artists to test out their engineering and design skills.

October 9 (MCPS day off): Hello, Fall!
During this workshop, we will welcome Fall. Nature will be the main inspiration for this workshop, as we look for inspiration from the change in seasons.

November 4 (DCPS day off): Adventures in Drawing
Beginning drawing concepts such as contour lines, shapes, lines will be explored in an age-appropriate way, as we complete different drawing and observational sketching activities.

November 5 (DCPS day off): Adventures in Sculpting
Multiple sculpting materials will be introduced as we explore the engineering behind sculpting! Our young artists will have lots of flexibility in what they choose to sculpt-- we will be there to provide the right materials!

November 11 (DCPS day off): Animal Habitats
We will create a 3D diorama of a favorite animal habitat during this workshop using a variety of materials and techniques!